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White paperboard is a kind of paper material widely used in making paper cups, coffee cups, paper bowls, and paper bags.  It is usually made of pure wood pulp or bamboo pulp as raw materials, white paperboard has good stability to keep the structure of the container stable and not easy to deform, and it has heat and water resistance and coating can prevent liquid penetration.  White paperboard includes base paper and food grade cardboard, base paper can be customized by coating processing to make personalized food boxes and containers, food grade cardboard itself has a special coating, suitable for printing and customization.  We supply white paperboard with FSC® and Din Certco certificates and are food grade.
Product Feature:
  • We are QS-certified and use pure wood pulp for paper production without fluorescent whitening agents, fully complying with national food safety requirements.
  • Our paper is non-coated, with uniform thickness, high loft, stiffness, high folding endurance, no odor, strong interlayer adhesion, and resistance to delamination.
  • It has good surface smoothness, and printing adaptability, and is suitable for various post-processing techniques such as coating, die-cutting, and bonding. It exhibits good formability, without bursting or deformation during creasing and folding.
  • Compliant with GB11680-1989 (China Food Packaging Hygienic Standards), FDA176.170 (U.S. Paper and Paperboard in Contact with Food), and EU1935/2004 (EU Food Contact Materials) food packaging hygiene requirements.
E+Series PP/PE Coated Paperboard Paper
Application Areas:
High-quality paper cup, hot cup, ice cream cup, cold cup, coffee cup
All kinds of lunch box paper, paper bags
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Zhejiang Justeco Technology Co., Ltd. is a China Wood Pulp White Paperboard Manufacturers and Custom Coated Base Paper Roll Factory dedicated to providing sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging solutions for customers. The company has a strong and stable supply capacity and owns a modern production base of over 70,000 square meters in Zhejiang, China. It is equipped with cleanrooms of 100,000 and 300,000 levels, as well as more than 200 sets of production and processing equipment. The company has an annual production capacity of approximately 60,000 tons of degradable materials and nearly 1 billion finished products. It is a manufacturing enterprise with full-process capabilities in the processing, printing, disposable degradable food packaging, and paper tableware of degradable materials, achieving comprehensive coverage of the industry chain.
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More About P+Series PLA Coated Paperboard Paper

Can coating base paper reduce negative environmental impact?

Coated base paper is a commonly used packaging material. It uses paper as the base material. After being treated by the coating process, it has certain waterproof, moisture-proof and sun-proof properties. It is suitable for outdoor packaging and other occasions that require higher durability. Compared with other packaging materials, coated base paper is lightweight, environmentally friendly, has less impact on the environment, and is a relatively sustainable choice.
Coated base paper uses paper as the base material, so it is lighter. Compared with heavier materials such as plastic packaging or metal packaging, the use of coated base paper can reduce the weight of packaging and reduce transportation costs. It also reduces the pressure on transportation tools and helps reduce energy consumption and emissions.
As a paper material, coated base paper is a recyclable and environmentally friendly material. Paper can be reused through recycling, which reduces the demand for forest resources and reduces the impact of deforestation on the ecological environment. At the same time, coated base paper can also use environmentally friendly production processes and materials during the production process, such as using water-based coatings, to further reduce environmental pollution.
The special coating added by coated base paper manufacturers during the coating process can enhance the waterproof, moisture-proof and sun-proof properties of the paper, making it more suitable for packaging needs in outdoor environments. This coating is usually made of environmentally friendly materials and is harmless to human health and the environment. It also improves the durability and stability of the packaging and extends the service life of the packaging.
As a lightweight and environmentally friendly packaging material, coated base paper has broad application prospects in outdoor packaging and other fields. Through the scientific and rational use of coated base paper, the negative impact on the environment can be reduced and the goal of sustainable development can be promoted. However, when using coated base paper, attention must also be paid to rational utilization and recycling to minimize resource waste and protect the environmental and ecological balance.

Is there any role for white kraft Paperboard to undergo special treatment or add a waterproof coating?

White kraft paperboard often receives special treatments or has a waterproof coating added, which makes it more resistant to moisture intrusion, preventing the paper from losing strength or causing damage due to moisture. This treatment is intended to enhance the durability and reliability of the paper, especially when it is stored for long periods of time or used in humid environments.
White kraft Paperboard manufacturers usually use high-quality kraft pulp as raw material when manufacturing white kraft Paperboard. However, even with high-quality pulp, paper can suffer from moisture loss that degrades its mechanical properties and appearance. To combat this problem, producers have taken a number of measures to protect paper from moisture.
It is a common practice to give white kraft cardboard special treatments. This treatment can include applying special chemicals or additives to the surface of the paper to enhance its water-repellent properties. These chemicals block moisture penetration to a certain extent and make the paper surface more water-resistant. The advantages of this method are that it is simple and easy to implement, has low cost, and can be applied directly to the paper during the production process.
Another common method is for white kraft cardboard manufacturers to apply a waterproof coating on the surface of white kraft Paperboard. This coating is usually made of polymers or resins and has excellent waterproofing properties and durability. Coatings can be applied at the final stage of paper production by coating or printing to evenly cover the surface of the paper with a waterproof material. This method can effectively improve the waterproof ability of the paper and prevent moisture from penetrating into the interior of the paper.
The benefits of using special treatments or adding a waterproof coating are obvious. First, it protects the paper from moisture and extends the life of the paper. Secondly, it can ensure that the paper still maintains good strength and stability in a humid environment, avoiding paper deformation, damage or failure caused by moisture. In addition, this treatment method can improve the appearance and texture of white kraft paperboard, making it more suitable for high-end packaging, printing and other applications that require high-quality paper.
Special treatment or adding a waterproof coating to white kraft paperboard is an effective protection measure that can improve the durability and waterproof performance of the paper, ensuring that it can perform well and function well under various environmental conditions.