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White paperboard is a kind of paper material widely used in making paper cups, coffee cups, paper bowls, and paper bags.  It is usually made of pure wood pulp or bamboo pulp as raw materials, white paperboard has good stability to keep the structure of the container stable and not easy to deform, and it has heat and water resistance and coating can prevent liquid penetration.  White paperboard includes base paper and food grade cardboard, base paper can be customized by coating processing to make personalized food boxes and containers, food grade cardboard itself has a special coating, suitable for printing and customization.  We supply white paperboard with FSC® and Din Certco certificates and are food grade.
Product Feature:
  • We are QS-certified and use pure wood pulp for paper production without fluorescent whitening agents, fully complying with national food safety requirements.
  • Our paper is non-coated, with uniform thickness, high loft, stiffness, high folding endurance, no odor, strong interlayer adhesion, and resistance to delamination.
  • It has good surface smoothness, and printing adaptability, and is suitable for various post-processing techniques such as coating, die-cutting, and bonding. It exhibits good formability, without bursting or deformation during creasing and folding.
  • Compliant with GB11680-1989 (China Food Packaging Hygienic Standards), FDA176.170 (U.S. Paper and Paperboard in Contact with Food), and EU1935/2004 (EU Food Contact Materials) food packaging hygiene requirements.
E+Series PP/PE Coated Kraft Paper
Application Areas:
High-quality paper cup, hot cup, ice cream cup, cold cup, coffee cup
All kinds of lunch box paper, paper bags
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Zhejiang Justeco Technology Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Justeco Technology Co., Ltd. is a China Printing Coated Kraft Paper Manufacturers and Custom Wood Pulp Coated Kraft Paper Factory dedicated to providing sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging solutions for customers. The company has a strong and stable supply capacity and owns a modern production base of over 70,000 square meters in Zhejiang, China. It is equipped with cleanrooms of 100,000 and 300,000 levels, as well as more than 200 sets of production and processing equipment. The company has an annual production capacity of approximately 60,000 tons of degradable materials and nearly 1 billion finished products. It is a manufacturing enterprise with full-process capabilities in the processing, printing, disposable degradable food packaging, and paper tableware of degradable materials, achieving comprehensive coverage of the industry chain.
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More About P+Series PLA Coated Paperboard Paper

Does the coating treatment of Printing Coated Kraft Paper have any effect?     

The coating treatment of Printing Coated Kraft Paper is an important processing technology. It enhances the firmness and toughness of the paper through special treatment on the surface of the paper, making it have high tear resistance. This property makes printed-coated kraft paper ideal for making wear-resistant, durable packaging boxes or bags, etc.
Coated kraft paper manufacturers increase the density and strength of the paper during the coating process. During the coating process, the paper goes through multiple processes, including coating, drying and calendering. These processes make the fibers of the paper more closely combined, thereby improving the firmness of the paper. This reinforced paper structure enables printed and coated kraft paper to withstand greater tensile and tearing forces and is not easily torn or damaged. It is suitable for packaging products that need to withstand certain external impacts.
The coating treatment improves the surface texture and wear resistance of the paper. During the coating process, the special coating added can make the paper surface smoother and stronger, improving its wear resistance and anti-friction properties. This is crucial for products that often need to be handled, stacked or transported, such as packaging boxes or bags. It can effectively protect the contents of the packaging from external friction and wear and extend the service life of the packaging.
The water and stain resistance of Printing Coated Kraft Paper has also been improved. Through the coating process, a protective film is formed on the surface of the paper, blocking the intrusion of moisture and stains, allowing the paper to maintain good quality and appearance even in humid environments or subject to slight water splashes. This is especially important for packaged products that need to be stored for a long time or used in harsh environments, and can effectively protect the contents of the package from moisture and contamination.
The coating treatment of printed and coated kraft paper not only improves the strength and durability of the paper, but also improves its surface texture, wear resistance and water stain resistance, making it an ideal choice for making wear-resistant and durable packaging boxes or bags. One of the ideal materials. This characteristic makes Printing Coated Kraft Paper have broad application prospects and market demand in the packaging industry.

Is wood pulp coated kraft paper suitable for outdoor packaging and humid environment applications?

Wood pulp-coated kraft paper produced in coated kraft paper mills is favored because it has a certain degree of water resistance. This characteristic allows it to maintain stability in humid environments, making it very suitable for outdoor packaging or applications that need to be used in humid environments.
Its production process usually involves processing natural wood pulp into paper through a series of processes, and then applying a special coating on the surface of the paper through a coating process. The purpose of this coating is to give the kraft paper waterproof properties, making it less susceptible to moisture.
The waterproof properties of coated kraft paper bring many practical advantages. First of all, it is very suitable for outdoor packaging, such as packaging of food, cosmetics, electronic products and other items. In outdoor environments, rain or humid weather is often encountered. Traditional paper is easily deformed by moisture, but wood pulp-coated kraft paper can maintain a relatively stable shape and effectively protect packaged items from moisture.
Wood pulp coated kraft paper can also be used in humid environments. For example, in situations where it is exposed to water vapor or humid air for a long time, ordinary paper may quickly lose its stability or even rot. Waterproof kraft paper can better protect packaging items or documents and extend their service life.
In addition to its waterproof properties, wood pulp-coated kraft paper has other excellent properties. For example, its strength and wear resistance are usually higher than ordinary paper, it can withstand greater tension and pressure, and is not easily torn or damaged. These features make it more reliable during packaging, transportation and storage.
Wood pulp-coated kraft paper produced in coated kraft paper mills is favored for its water resistance, stability and durability, and is particularly suitable for outdoor packaging and applications in humid environments. With the continuous advancement of science and technology, I believe that this paper material with excellent properties will be applied and promoted in more fields.