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What are the advantages of P+Series PLA Coated Kraft Paper compared with ordinary kraft paper?
Author: Admin Date: Apr 11, 2024

What are the advantages of P+Series PLA Coated Kraft Paper compared with ordinary kraft paper?

From an environmental perspective, P+Series PLA Coated Kraft Paper uses biodegradable polylactic acid (PLA) coating. PLA is a biodegradable material made from starch extracted from renewable plant resources (such as corn). It can be completely degraded by microorganisms in nature, eventually producing carbon dioxide and water. Many traditional packaging materials use non-degradable plastics, which may cause long-term environmental pollution when landfilled or incinerated. By using PLA coating, P+Series PLA Coated Kraft Paper not only retains the environmentally friendly and renewable properties of kraft paper itself, but also adds new biodegradable properties, thereby significantly improving its environmental performance. As a bio-based plastic, PLA has relatively low carbon emissions during its production process, which helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat global climate change. Therefore, from the entire life cycle, the environmental benefits of P+Series PLA Coated Kraft Paper are obvious.

In terms of durability and strength, P+Series PLA Coated Kraft Paper uses a special coating process to enhance the tensile strength and bursting resistance of the paper. This means it is less likely to break or tear when subjected to a certain amount of weight or pressure, making it ideal for packaging that needs to withstand heavy loads or documents that need to be stored for a long time. Although ordinary kraft paper also has a certain degree of strength and durability, it may not be adequate in certain demanding application scenarios.

From the perspective of aesthetics and printing effect, the coating of P+Series PLA Coated Kraft Paper makes its surface smoother and more delicate, greatly improving the printing effect and clarity. Whether it's text or patterns, they can be rendered on paper with higher resolution and vivid colors. In addition, PLA coating can also increase the waterproof performance of paper, allowing printed matter to maintain good condition in humid environments. In contrast, the printing effect of ordinary kraft paper may be affected by the roughness of the paper surface, and it is easily deformed by moisture in a humid environment.

P+Series PLA Coated Kraft Paper also has good processing properties. Flexibility and plasticity:
PLA-coated kraft paper retains the flexibility of the kraft paper itself while increasing the material's plasticity. This means that when cutting, folding, bending and other processing operations are performed, the material can easily adapt and is less likely to break or break.

Easy to glue:
The PLA coating enhances the stickiness of the kraft paper surface, making it easier to bond with other materials. This feature is particularly useful in packaging design and handmade production, as it can be easily bonded with other materials such as paper, plastic or cloth to produce a variety of creative products. Stable dimensional and shape retention: PLA-coated kraft paper can maintain good dimensional stability and shape retention during processing. Paper retains its original shape and size even after being folded, bent or cut multiple times, which is important for applications that require precise size and shape. Good printing adaptability: The smooth surface of PLA coating makes kraft paper perform well during the printing process. Whether using traditional printing methods or digital printing technology, you can get clear and vivid printing effects. In addition, the coating also improves the adhesion and drying speed of the ink, further improving printing efficiency. Water resistance and oil resistance: PLA coating provides certain water and oil resistance to kraft paper. This allows the processed product to maintain its original performance and appearance in a humid environment or in contact with grease, expanding its application range.

From the perspective of application fields, P+Series PLA Coated Kraft Paper has extensive application value in food packaging, high-end product packaging, fine prints and other fields due to its unique performance and advantages. Especially when environmentally friendly, durable and beautiful packaging materials are needed, it has become one of the first choices. Ordinary kraft paper is more commonly used in scenarios that do not require high performance and aesthetics, such as ordinary paper bags, envelopes, etc.
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