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The advantages of food grade kraft paper
Author: Admin Date: Oct 18, 2023

The advantages of food grade kraft paper

Safe and hygienic: food-grade kraft paper is made of pure fiber material, and it is not easy to add chemicals that may be harmful to the body, such as plasticizers, during the production process, so it is more food hygienic and safer than plastic outer packaging.
Environmentally friendly and recyclable: as a biodegradable food wrapping paper, it can be used as a fertilizer after dissolution, and will not release harmful substances to harm the natural environment.
Stable performance: waterproof, oil resistant, resistant to low-temperature refrigeration, freshness, and quality assurance features, suitable for vacuum packaging, aseptic packaging, and other fields.
Low cost: natural growth and abundant sources of raw materials, suitable for mechanized mass production, low production, and manufacturing costs, relative to glass, plastic, and other packaging, in the case of achieving the same barrier effect, the cost of food kraft paper to be less than ten to twenty percent.
Excellent packaging and printing performance: can meet the requirements of the majority of packaging and printing manufacturers, packaging and printing cost is low, the actual effect is very good, a variety of types.
High compressive strength: with a certain compressive strength, stiffness, and adaptability of machinery and equipment, according to user needs can easily complete the actual operation of mechanized production and processing.
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